Decentralized Chances - smart jobs!

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Smart job solutions

Why Conn3x?

Conn3x strives to be the leading company in the job marketplace thanks to latest blockchain technology and the usage of AI module, similar to Siri (Apple) or Alexa (Amazon). We analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of the already existing providers and are firmly convinced that we can optimize the search and payment processes with the possibilities available to us. What is Conn3x?

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Our platform Conn3x consists of two parts:

  • The decentralized payment unit "Conn3x Coin" and its associate
  • User database, which is based on the X11 algorithm and supports smart contract

Companies and applicants can save and manage their profiles, and also adjust their privacy settings in the user interface. Therefore, it is individual as anonymous as you as a user want it to

Why Conn3x?

Thanks to its own and simple AI application via voice control, Conn3x enables the management of complete job requests or job offers. For applicants the usage of James and the download of the

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Thanks to its own and simple AI application via voice control, Conn3x enables the management of complete job requests or job offers. For applicants the usage of James and the download of the

  • Create applicant profiles
  • Search for a suitable vacancy
  • Write applications, including CV and cover letter
  • Send job applications within the Conn3x network or by e-mail
  • Manage and arrange appointments
  • Provide information about the employer / contractee
  • Manage job requests
  • Processing of payment via Smart Contract

  • Decentralized platform
  • Anonymous registry
  • Mining, Staking and Masternode
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Enterprise mining solution
  • Enterprise debit cards
  • Bonus rewards
  • Billion dollar industry
  • Affiliate program

Why Conn3x?

Conn3x Ecosystem

  • 1. Developing platform
  • 2. Creating AI „James"
  • 3. Building Community B2B and B2C
  • 4. Provide own cards
  • 5. Provide own mining hardware to SME

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Facts about Presale & ICO

Our Presale is sold out!


  • 30'000'001 to 40'000'000 - C3X/0.10$
  • 40'000'001 to 50'000'000 - C3X/0.20$
  • 50'000'001 to 60'000'000 - C3X/0.30$
  • 60'000'001 to 70'000'000 - C3X/0.50$
  • 70'000'001 to 80'000'000 - C3X/0.70$
  • 80'000'001 to 90'000'000 - C3X/0.90$
  • 90'000'001 to 100'000'000 - C3X/1.00$

Coin Specifications

  • Total supply 500,000,000 C3X
  • Pre-Sale & ICO 100,000,000 C3X
  • Block size 2 MB
  • X11 Algorithm
  • Mining Yes
  • Staking Yes
  • Masternode Yes

Proof of Work PoW

  • Block time: 4 minutes
  • PoW specs: 200 C3X coins
  • Coin base maturity: 20 blocks
  • from block 1-129600 = 200 C3X coins
  • from block 129601- ∞ = 10 C3X coins

Proof Of StakePoS

  • from block 0-129600=100% per year
  • from block 129601-259200=50% per year
  • from block 259201-385800=10% per year


  • 100,000 C3X required for Masternode
  • Masternodes get paid 80% of the blockreward

Our Caps

  • token_chart Soft cap
  • token_chart Early middle cap
  • token_chart Late middle cap
  • token_chart Hard cap




Partners we intend to cooperate after our ICO


Start Website


Start Registration

Start Presale


Start ICO

Mining, Staking and Masternodes. Wallets for Android, IOS, Linux, Github Code - Start Reward Pool

Apr 18 - May 18

Listing on exchanges

Internal exchange and additonial external exchange Marketing campaign, Social Media, Adverts, media buying ads

May 18 - Jun 18
Jun 18 - Jun 19

Decentralized and open-source Development Conn3x plattform and KI application “James”

Integration Database of the Network partners from Ico

Jun 19 - Sep 19
Sep 19 - Apr 20

Advertising of plattform and marketing campaign: social media, agency campaign, adverts , media buying ads App IOS and Android for candidats

Conn3x Prepaid Card private and enterprise

Apr 20 - Nov 20
May 20 - Jul 20

TV campaign for enterprises and candidates

Reward Pool

The profit is up to 20% monthly and is credited daily.

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Reward Pool

The profit of the partners of the reward pool is divided into 3 sections:

  • On over 100 platforms worldwide, hash rates will be rented only at the best times by using an own software. A video explaining this can be watched on our website. Our expectation: 30-40% profit per month.

  • Cooperate coins and ICOs are investments in innovative partnership coins and ICOs, which help us with the technological further development of our platform. As an example, Civic is suitable for the identity secure process; or Bankera is appropriate as a payment processor. SophiaTX already offers good enterprise approaches in the areas of ERP and CRM, which we can directly connect with our enterprise solution. Our expectation: 40-80% profit per month.

  • Coin loans are offered to blockchain startups. Company shares are used for hedge (security or equity token). Our expectation: 8-15% profit per month.

Commission Level

Level 1 10%
Level 2 5%
Level 3 3%
Level 4 2%
Level 5 1%
Level 6 1%
Level 7 1%
Level 8 1%
Level 9 0.5%
Level 10 0.5%

Welcome to the Conn3xICO Referral Program!

The Conn3x ICO referral program is available to everyone and uses affiliate tracking to record the initial sources of contributions to our ICO. Influencers can promote the Conn3x ICO by using promotional material on their websites, in email lists, or in Telegram and Slack groups. To join our referral program please contribute to our whitelist our join via referral link of another affiliate partner.

Commission Level

Level 1 10%
Level 2 5%
Level 3 3%
Level 4 2%
Level 5 1%
Level 6 1%
Level 7 1%
Level 8 1%
Level 9 0.5%
Level 10 0.5%

Team and contributors

Conn3x is a decentralized currency and will offer open source solutions.

There will be no central control over the coin. We follow the successful ideology of verge cryptocurrency.

30+ team members and contributors

Conn3x has a team of experienced specialists and contributors working in IT, Recruiting, Mining, AI Programming, Human Resources, Marketing, Business and Product development and Network Marketing.

After our ICO the development team is active and will always be in contact with the community. Contributers will be able to reach the main developers for new ideas about Conn3x.